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XOL Toolhead Board ruiqimao

XOL Toolhead Board ruiqimao

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This will be for the XOL Toolhead board by ruiqimao.   This listing will include all male rectangular connectors and XH and Molex pins needed with extra.   Also a percentage of sales will go to ruiqimao!! Make sure to thank him!!

This is a PCB made for Armchair Engineering's Xol Toolhead, featuring:

  • One hotend cooling fan JST-XH connectors
  • Two part cooling fan JST-XH connectors
  • One heater Micro-Fit connector
  • One thermistor Micro-Fit connector
  • One Neopixel JST-XH connector
  • Two auxiliary JST-XH connectors
  • One extruder motor connector
  • Selectable fan voltage (5V, Alt, 24V)
  • Integrated mount for carriage screw


More info can be found here: XOL Toolhead

More photos to come.

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