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Voron V0 Display RP2040 Edition by Th0mpy

Voron V0 Display RP2040 Edition by Th0mpy

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This port was created in order to give another option when it comes to the Voron0 display. Additionally it makes use of the easily available RP2040 IC for ease of modificaion and implementation. The files in this github are everything you should need, if you wanted to make your own or if you have any questions about the details of the device.

The display includes both a USB-C connector and 4-pin header. This makes installation a little cleaner, allowing you to use standard dupont connectors versus longer USB connectors.

*** Only one data connector can be used. Do not attempt to plug anything into the USB connector while the pin header is in use.

More info can be found here.  V0 Display

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