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Voron TAP 5v-24V

Voron TAP 5v-24V

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This is for the 5V-24V version of the TAP.  I hand test every TAP before its ever packaged.  These come with 3 PH connector, so just crimp your fittings and you are golden.  This is for the PCB Only.

Tap is a nozzle-based z-probe for the V2 and Trident printer designs. The entire toolhead moves to trigger an optical switch. Tap offers many advantages:

  • Extreme precision 0.4μm (0.0004mm)
  • Any build surface and easily change at will
  • Durability via optical sensor (millions of probe cycles)
  • High temperature reliability (70C to 100C)
  • Simplified probe mechanics (no dock/undock macros)
  • No separate Z-endstop required
  • Crash protection

More info can be found here: TAP

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