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Voron Hall Effect Endstop Board X/Y

Voron Hall Effect Endstop Board X/Y

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Hall Effect Endstop board for X and Y axes

The Hall Effect board allows for contactless homing on the X and Y axis on a Voron 2 or Voron Trident. When hall sensor reaches close to magnet it produces a voltage. The circuit then compares that with a reference voltage. The comparator flips based on threshold set using the trim pots. Please follow following procedure to setup Hall Effect Board.

  1. Make sure both the pots are centered.
  2. Then take a magnet for x axis. Try both the poles. Find the pole of magnet that triggers sensor within 1 inch of magnet.
  3. Install the X magnet into afterburner carriage.
  4. Please repeat the same process for Y axis and then install it in z block.

More info found here: X/Y Hall Effect

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