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X.R. Bunker

PCB Klicky by Whopping

PCB Klicky by Whopping

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Based on two legends: the Klicky Probe by JosAr and the Euclid Probe

This design attempts to replicate Klicky as closely as possible using a PCB-based design, to try and achieve the following aims:

  1. Reduce the problem of magnets working lose or seating poorly in printed parts
  2. Increase the current being switched, which might possibly result in a longer switch lifetime.
  3. Add LEDs.

What you see in the pictures is what you get.  This is for the heat insert version of the PCB Klicky .. you can still use the parts with the non heat set version but the screws for the non heat set version do not come with this kit.   You do get 10 Magnets/Both Top and 2 Bottom PCB's/ all other screws and heat inserts/ 3 XH pins and 1 1x3 Male Rectangular Houseing for plugging into the probe/ Printed parts for the Probe 2 bottom and 1 Top.  Upon special request an upgraded Kailh Red switch version is available.

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