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KUSBA Pro Nozzle USB Accelerometer by xbst_isik

KUSBA Pro Nozzle USB Accelerometer by xbst_isik

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KUSBA PRO is a clamp-style nozzle-mounted USB (type-C) accelerometer for 3D printers running Klipper. Nozzle is theoretically the best place to measure resonances and the clamp-style nozzle mount makes it very easy to mount this accelerometer on 3D printer nozzles. This accelerometer PCB also uses a LIS2DW accelerometer, which is on paper superior than the commonly used ADXL345 accelerometer.

Comes pre-flashed with Klipper. Depending on your Klipper version, you may need to reflash the firmware to update it. Instructions are available on GitHub.


More info can be found here: KUSBA PRO

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